[time-nuts] State of the art of crystal oscillator measurements

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Good morning,
the difference between the two phase noise FWSP systems is the lower noise  
internal 10 MHz reference crystal  oscillator (optimized )  as  well as 
also some of the internal FSWP circuits custom  optimized . The  output power 
was 17 dBm, but we also have build one oscillator with  12 dBm  output power 
and noise  similar values.
This is part of a PhD project which I supervise .    For values so close to 
the carrier you need a very low noise power supply  and a well shielded 
Faraday cage . The measurement with ca 100  correlation  took about 2 hours. 
Also the heating circuit needs to be low noise and well  decoupled .
The 100 Hz value of the better analyzer seems suspicious , It needs to be  
further  investigated.
All very exciting and time consuming .
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These  seem extremely fantastic results for a 100 MHz oscillator. I am 
curious what  the Po of the oscillators are Regards - Mike 

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