[time-nuts] Heathkit clock available

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 11 07:44:50 EDT 2016

On 8/10/16 8:03 PM, Chris Albertson wrote:
>> But for sure a GPS module, a handful of buttons, 7 7-seg LEDs (I’d display a 10 Hz digit), a little phototransistor dimming circuit and an ATMega… $99 retail? Certainly doable.
> Almost everyone one Earth already owns a GPS sync'd alarm clock.  My
> iPhone does all I need, pretty decent sync to UTC, big numbers I can
> read without glasses and it makes noise when I need to get up.  The
> iPhone sells for way over $100.   But any cheap $99 android tablet can
> function as a digital clock.   All You need is a stand.   These phones
> has pretty much obsoleted alarm clocks, cameras, Dedicated GPS
> receivers for car navigation, and 100 other things

Except where you're in an environment that cannot tolerate devices with 
radios or portable data storage; both of which a mobile phone provides. 
That's where a conventional clock (alarm or otherwise) or timekeeper is 

One can argue, of course, that one does not need "time-nuts" level alarm 
clock accuracy in such an environment, and if you did:
a) you would go through the hoops to bring a GPS receiver and associated 
computing devices/electronics in
b) you'd probably just buy an off the shelf box - you'd have the budget 
AND the hoops would be easier to jump than with something homegrown.

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