[time-nuts] State of the art of crystal oscillator measurements

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NO, the maximum  possible noise dynamic range is ( 177 +  Pout)  [dBm]  - 
Transistor large signal NF ( dB),
 the signal to noise ration is dimensionless !!!!
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john at miles.io writes:

Or  rather -(177+DUT output power in dBm).  The minus sign makes the  
difference between the thermal floor and a nuclear war!

-- john,  KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

> Remember that L(f) is expressed in  dBc/Hz, not dBm/Hz.  If it were 
> then kT would be the  limit.  But in dBc/Hz terms, the limit is 177 + the 
> output  power in  dBm.

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