[time-nuts] Working with SMT parts.

wb6bnq wb6bnq at cox.net
Sat Aug 13 03:14:51 EDT 2016

Hello Orin,

Like I mentioned before http://www.futurlec.com/PCBService.shtml will 
accept the ExpressPCB program file and their prices are very reasonable 
compared to having the work done through ExpressPCB themselves.


Orin Eman wrote:

>On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 7:25 PM, Brooke Clarke <brooke at pacific.net> wrote:
>>Hi Chris:
>>ExpressPCB has very easy to use free software for schematic capture (later
>>used to check the board wiring) and software for board layout including
>>making custom components if their library of stock components does not have
>>what you need.  The output file format is proprietary, which makes it
>>interesting that Far Circuits can read it.
>>I just have not wanted to go through learning curve for Gerber files and
>>all the associated stuff (maybe drilling, silk screen, solder mask) which
>>is very easy to do with ExpressPCB.
>I did my first 'CAD' PCB with EasyTrax... a DOS program.  Must have been
>about 1998 as that's the copyright date I put on the board.
>Believe me, getting any of the current programs to produce gerber files is
>trivial compared to using EasyTrax and making it produce gerber files.  In
>fact, I usually us itead.cc for small boards and they provide the script to
>produce gerber files from Eagle, which is what I currently use.  I've also
>used OSH Park and you can simply send an Eagle board file to them; just as
>easy as using ExpressPCB without the expensive tie-in.
>I must admit ExpressPCB leaves me with a sour taste - many published
>projects seem to use them as  I suppose the author liked the free
>software.  But then everyone that uses the ExpressPCB files that the author
>supplies pays the ExpressPCB premium.  $300 in one case and the boards
>weren't even flat!
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