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If you start Lady Heather from a command line prompt, the cfg file should be in the directory you are in.  If you start it clicking on an icon or the start menu, it should be in your My Documents folder (which depends upon the OS version you are running).  You can find out for sure by typing ? on the keyboard.   Scroll down the bottom of the help screen and Lady Heather will tell you where to stick it [😉]

For screen data, generally,   RED means something is wrong/not normal/not usable/not available/unexpected/could affect normal receiver operation etc,  YELLOW means something is not quite right or optimum,  GREEN means it is normal.  White is used for data from the receiver or program configuration values.

Not all program configuration options are available from the command line.   You can create a keyboard .SCRipt file which, when read,  will simulate keyboard typing.  You can specify a script file on the command line with the /r=xxx.scr command. Script files must have a ".scr" file name extension.

Also, not all configuration options are available directly from the keyboard menus.  You can set most command line only options with the "/" keyboard command.

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I am a new user on Lady Heather (LH).  Thanks for creating it!

Is there a user manual that shows what the various types of data and color coding on the screen mean?

I am trying to switch LH to COM3.  I figured out how to do this using the shortcut, but wanted to try a .cfg file.

I put “/3” in a heather.cfg text file and tried it in the Heather directory and in My Documents.  So far, it does not seem to get read.

What am I doing wrong?

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