[time-nuts] Lady Heather

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 16 22:37:53 EDT 2016

It gets there by downing a fifth of bourbon and staggering around endlessly...  Or you should be able to do a /gq on the command line.

The next version of Lady Heather I am working on makes getting to the sat signal quality display easier... G Q from the keyboard will toggle it (in addition to the current S A S command).   G Q attempts to remember the previous screen config and restore it when you toggle the signal level display on/off... sometimes it even works.

Also the "Z" zoom screen keyboard command that shows the various clocks and signal displays in full screen has been improved.  You will  now be able to select which feature gets zoomed.   Z Q will zoom the signal quality display to full screen,  ZW does the watch, ZC does the clock, ZM does the satellite position map, ZB does the combined watch/map,  ZF does the lat/lon scattergram.

And yes,  the command line handler in Lady Heather does not support spaces or quoted strings in arguments...  and why anybody would need more than 8.3 file names or more than 640kB of memory is beyond me (/s)  ...  Frankly, spaces in file names are seldom a good idea.  Too much hacky software out there chokes on them.   That's why Sir Ascii invented the '_'.

Anybody that attempts to figure out Lady Heather's command line and keyboard handlers should first have a large quantity of serious painkillers and eye/mind bleach at hand.


> I see the line that turns it on "plot_signals = 4", but I'll be darned if I can see how the code gets there.  Mark?

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