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On 8/18/2016 2:41 PM, Bob Albert via time-nuts wrote:
> Well I have found some Chinese sources of 42 - 50 grams on ebay for around $3.  Is this the right stuff?  The brand is Mechanics.
> Bob
Best and Mechanic brand from China in small (50 gr) containers seems to
work fine.  The small containers are good because the stuff dries out
pretty fast.  I've not bothered trying to add flux to it when it does. I
keep a few containers of Best-605 on hand for home projects.  I hav a
few containers of Mechanic i bought to try, but haven't used yet. I'm
guessing it all comes from the same 55 Gallon drum ;-)

SRA Solder repackages lead based and lead free solder paste in hobby
friendly quantities (10 - 250 gr) at generally rational prices. Not
nearly as cheap as the Chinese 'brands' off eBay. Good customer service
and quick shipping though.


I'll use chipquick or Kester paste from Mouser or Digikey for paid projects.

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