[time-nuts] DIY VNA design

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Aug 21 03:25:33 EDT 2016

To 500MHz, lower dynamic range to 1.3GHz:

OK, so the latter isn't build it yourself anymore.

I have version 2.6 of the latter and it works really well to about 575MHz.
Traces can get noisy after about 575MHz.

Remember these VNAs are only as good as the calibration kit you use with



I have one of these and it works really well, even up to 1.3 GHz.  I know 
that some have used it for characterising 32 kHz crystals so it works down 
at LF as well.

I can strongly recommend the support group as the source of much expertise, 
and it's regularly visited by the designer as well:


Some of my own very simple plots:


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