[time-nuts] How to get PPS from ublox mini-PCI GPS to APU2 SoC serial port for ntpd

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 05:06:18 EDT 2016

From: STR .

Not even ethernet with hardware PTP implementations, admittedly I haven't 
seen a NIC for sale with it?
I've always wondered if something like 
is worth the price over the likes of 

The LeoNTP is a generation later, lower-power, has Ethernet, doesn't require 
serial, can be powered over USB or Ethernet, likely has a more sensitive GPS 
receiver, can service many clients for NTP etc. etc.  I think they are aimed 
at slightly different markets.  The quoted price is GPB 250 for the LeoNTP 
and GBP 260 for the Miller, but the Miller may include UK tax and the LeoNTP 
not.  If the Miller price includes UK tax, the comparison is GBP 260 Miller, 
GBP 300 LeoNTP.  Much as I would like to support another radio amateur's 
efforts, I think the LeoNTP outclasses the Miller.

If you only need a programmable, dual-output GPS-locked frequency source, at 
GBP 150 (including tax?):


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