[time-nuts] SR620 Problem

Tom Miller tmiller11147 at verizon.net
Mon Aug 29 17:37:14 EDT 2016

You might say where you are. Maybe someone lives close that can assist you.


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> Hello All,
> Sorry if this is a repeat but not showing up in my sent mail. Changed the
> list address slightly.
> I'm looking for someone that has repair experience on the SR620 TIC. I 
> have
> a failed unit that has previously worked perfectly for many years while
> running continuously on my lab bench. The failure occurred after a very
> dirty mains power failure during a storm. There was no other evidence of a
> severe lightning strike so I suspect just a major power line glitch. I 
> have
> a second unit so time to repair is not critical. I have checked and
> confirmed all of the power supplies and eliminated all of the easy fix
> scenarios already. The major symptom is absolutely no display of 
> indicators
> or readout (unit looks to be off), -DROPOUT form the PS is ok. I believe 
> the
> loss of LED and display is from the processor stopped U131B flop. I don't
> have sufficient confidence, let alone spare IC to delve into the processor
> chain. Is there someone in the US with this experience that I can send 
> this
> unit to for repair. Being retired and all this just being a major hobby
> makes repair cost a big concern.
> Regards.
> Don J.
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