[time-nuts] LH on X

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 26 18:54:10 EST 2016

There is a bug under X11 in the v4 and v5 releases...  Heather is responding to the mouse even if there is another window on top or does not have focus.  Fixed in the next release.

How Heather behaves in multi monitor / screen systems has not been extensively tested.   What happens is dependent upon the vagaries and mysteries of the window mangler in use.

The next release also supports  full screen modes without window title bars and border decorations.  It also supports an on screen keyboard for touch / mouse only operation.  Those features along with better screen formatting for small screens makes things like embedding a GPSDO into a box with something like a Raspberry PI and the 800x480 touchscreen possible.

The next version also has a few more things you can click/touch to get a zoomed view.  


>  It seems LH has the ability to zoom a given display to full window size by
clicking on it, and it will revert to multiple section by clicking on an
unused area of the display.

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