[time-nuts] RPi/ beagle bone-like computer without video

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 2 14:14:51 EST 2016

On 12/2/16 10:08 AM, David J Taylor wrote:
> From: jimlux
> We're processing several thousand samples, received over a serial port
> or USB in a few seconds.  The algorithm (in Matlab, hence the need for
> Linux) grinds for around 30 seconds to produce the output.
> ===========================
> The Raspberry Pi OS includes a free MATLAB licence, as I expect you
> already know.

yes, but

"Note that you cannot install MATLAB as a standalone application or 
execute MATLAB code locally on a Raspberry Pi. To develop applications 
for the Raspberry Pi to be used in standalone operation, please see the 
Raspberry Pi Support from Simulink®."

and of course, we're not using Simulink

> Cheers,
> David

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