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Sun Dec 4 18:04:45 EST 2016

I think the designation "UCCM" actually applies to the Symmetricom GPSDO boards. Since most of these tend to come salvaged from China, tongue in cheek I suspect "Unusable, Crushed, Cr_p, Mangled"

Do the Trimble units report UCCM from the serial port?


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On Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 2:50 PM, Larry McDavid <lmcdavid at lmceng.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know the origin of the "UCCM" designation for the Trimble GPSDO
> boards recently popular here?
> Is "UCCM" a valid model number, is it an acronym or is it something else?
> I've packaged several of these Trimble boards and I've seen about four
> others, none of which was marked "UCCM." I've seen one on-line picture of a
> packaged board that shows a separate label with "UCCM" marked.
> GPSCon already supports these "UCCM" boards and the next release of Lady
> Heather is expected to support them also, so there is some acceptance of
> this "UCCM" designation. But, what is the origin of this term and is it
> valid?

That's what the command prompt says when you connect to it over serial
and it shows up in various places in response to commands such as
SYST:STAT? I haven't taken my reboxed GPSDO apart to see if it says
UCCM anywhere else on the board.

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> Best wishes,
> Larry McDavid W6FUB

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