[time-nuts] Switching regulator replacement for 7805

Dan Kemppainen dan at irtelemetrics.com
Mon Dec 5 12:13:12 EST 2016

> Depending on the application, another possible application is to
> sync up the DC/DC converter to the "main" clock source. This makes
> the switching noise then coherent to the system, which either makes
> it average out completely, or possible to filter it out in the digital
> domain using a deep notch-filter in receiver applications.

You are assuming the switching noise is directly caused by the 
fundamental switching frequency, this may not always be the case. Often 
the fast edges can excite parasitic reactances in the board and 
components, which in turn oscillate and radiate at their own frequency. 
This is not necessarily related to the switching frequency.

That said, it may be an interesting test to run anyway!


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