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So some more specific detail in how I am running LH with multiple TBs. I am actually running three instances of LH all with unique command line input for each TB and each with a different COM port specified. The three TBs are running from the same antenna using a Symmetricom 5853A 4-way splitter. One of the TBs is standard while the other two have MV89A oscillators. All three TBs can accept unique commands and I continuously run the three instances of LH on a dedicated laptop running Win10. I moved my antenna recently so I started the precision antenna survey on the two TBs with the MV89A oscillators. They are each about 40% done and I wanted to understand better what to do at the conclusion of the run. It is not really a question concerning multiple TBs running simultaneous but my question is rather I have to manually enter anything or is the precision coordinates entered automatically at the end of the run. In my case, each TB will act as if it were running alone. From Chris's explanation, it sounds like everything is automatic at the end of the run and the new derived double-precision average is enter automatically.


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No, the SL keyboard command on TSIP receivers should do the "multiple-single-point-surveys-until-it-gets-close" thing to set the lat/lon/alt to better than single precision floating point accuracy. .

The advantage of doing a full 48-hour survey is that the surveyed position was calculated by the receiver and might have characteristics that are unique to that receivers' hardware.


> So need to do two long surveys then - what a pain ...
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