[time-nuts] Lady Heather Screen Dump file name

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 7 20:57:22 EST 2016

The files should wind up in your heather directory.   Type in ? at the keyboard,  scroll down to the end of the command line help info and there should be a line that says "put heather.cfg in directory ...."   The actual directory depends upon the operating system and how Heather was started.

The dumps should wind up there.   A single scheduled screen dump should be named "tbdump.gif " and for dumps at an interval should be "tbyyyy-mm-dd-#.gif" where # is a sequence number.  

Dumps commanded from the keyboard "\" command go to tbolt.gif   Version 5 uses a file name like tbolt.gif, ublox.gif, sirf.gif based upon the receiver type.  

For scheduled dumps and alarms the time you specify should be in your currently set local time zone... what is shown on the clock displays.  In version 5,  you can set the time zone to show the time in one of the supported astronomical time scales.  The dumps are always done based upon your local time zone, not necessarily what is displayed.  There is an obscure flag you can set to do them based on the displayed time (astronomical or local).

When Heather is doing a precision survey it writes the file "lla.lla" with all the fix info in it, intermediate results, and the final result.  You could read that and feed it to a plotting program.

In versions before 5.0,  the lat/lon scattergram is rather crude and rigid.  It did not re-scale if you changed the screen size and tended to be cleared and reset when the screen configuration was altered.  Version 5 can re-scale the plot and zoom it to full-(ish) screen.


> For Windows 10, what is the file name for the Lady Heather dump 
screen command?  What folder is it in?

For the specified time (/nd=hh:mm:ss), is it GPS time or system 

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