[time-nuts] Performance of TDC7200

Li Ang 379998 at qq.com
Fri Dec 9 08:29:34 EST 2016

I've done some tests with TDC7200 and TDC_GP22 few months ago.(https://www.febo.com/pipermail/time-nuts/2016-May/098170.html)

Here is the performance test of my recent board.


The "analog front end" is 74lvc1g04/nc7sz125. 3 TDC7200s are on the board. Only TI mode is tested at the moment.(the truth is I forgot to connect the SPI port to FPGA ......, I need to reuse the config ports to implement a bidirectional SPI to read the counters in FPGA)
DUT and REF are from a homebrew distribution amp( http://www.qsl.net/b/bi7lnq/distribution_amp/v1.5/10M_distributor.pdf), the source is a FE180 OCXO.

1) the noise of 74LVC and NC7 are different.
2) the performance of my counter in TI mode is almost the same as the Agilent 53220A

I also tried to measure 3 OCXOs at the same time. FE180, OCXO8663, free running TBOLT

TODO list:
1) web based interface, calculate and show *DEVs with javascript on Chrome browser
2) front end experiments


Li Ang / BI7LNQ

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