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While I have not (yet) used Lady Heather, I plan on doing so as soon as I can
get my GPSDO. However, I do have a feature suggestion. You have an option that
allows dates to be expressions in the European format DD-MM-YYYY vs. the US
format of MM-DD-YYYY. What about an option to express dates in ISO standard
format: YYYY-MM-DD. Personally, that is the only date format that I use and it
has the advantage of being easily sorted. That may make processing collected
data easier.


> Lady Heather version 5.0 is now available for download from:
>    http://www.ke5fx.com/heather/readme.htm

> Many thanks to John Miles for hosting the distribution and his work on the
> Windows installer, PDF documentation file, readme file, and bring an all-around good guy.

> Heather now has some proper user documentation.  Check the heather.pdf file
> and/or the comments in the first 3500+ lines of the heather.cpp file. 
> Heather can be compiled for Linux (including the Raspberry Pi) and macOS. 
> Download the heatherx11.zip file and check the readme.txt file for compilation instructions.

> There are MANY new features in Heather.  One of the main ones is support
> for many new receiver types.  When Heather is started it defaults to
> attempting to automatically determine the receiver type.   You can bypass
> this and force the receiver type using the new "/rx..." command line
> options.  Some receiver types cannot be auto-detected.  Also many receivers
> power up speaking NMEA and you can enable their native binary language using
> the /rx commands.  Native binary mode gives better information and allows
> controlling the receiver configuration and settings.

> Currently-supported receivers include: 
> Trimble Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt-E
> Acron Zeit WWVB receiver
> UCCM - Trimble / Symmetricom GPSDOs
> NEC GPSDO (STAR-4 compatible)
> GPSD interface
> Jupiter-T (aka Zodiac)
> Lucent KS24361 REF0/Z3811A (19200:8:N:1)
> Motorola binary format
> Generic NMEA receiver
> Trimble Resolution T family with odd parity
> Sirf binary
> Generic Trimble TSIP binary
> Ublox UBX binary
> Venus mixed binary / NMEA
> Nortel SCPI-compatible GPSDOs (NTWB, NTPX, etc.)
> Z3801A and compatible SCPI GPSDOs
> HP 5xxxx-style SCPI
> Oscilloquartz STAR-4 (via the management interface)
> NVS binary
> PC system clock (no receiver)

> After installing Heather, you should edit the heather.cfg file (or the
> PROPERTIES setting for the desktop icon) for your desired configuration. 
> Everybody should change the "/tz" option for their time zone... it comes set
> up for the US central time zone.  International uses should add a "/b..."
> command to set their daylight savings time information.   On Windows, you
> can press the "n" key and that will bring up NOTEPAD to edit the file.  For
> the changes to take effect you will need to re-start Heather (or do a "r heather.cfg" keyboard command).

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