[time-nuts] LH Z3801 and XP stalling

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 13 16:27:21 EST 2016

I suspect that your system is set up to go to sleep.  

If that happens Heather won't see the response to the last message it sent.   For SCPI receivers, Heather polls the device for a new piece of information every time it gets a response.  The requests alternate between the time code message and some receiver status value.  At xx:xx:33 Heather requests the syst:stat page which takes three seconds to come in.

No response to a request? No new request sent out...  If a new  response is not seen within a receiver-dependent timeout (5-20 seconds for the Z3801A), Heather attempts to restart communications, but a sleeping system borks that.


>   So pretty excited about LH running a Z3801. But what I am seeing is a
consitent stall roughly 45-50 minutes in.

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