[time-nuts] GALILEO online: any changes seen?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 15 10:43:02 EST 2016

Dear all,
the GALILEO system is supposed to go online today (at least for initial
operational capability). Does anybody of you has a GALILEO compatible
receiver and sees already a difference?

Best regards,


I'm not sure whether the signals were turned on today, or whether they have 
been there for some time but just in a pre-operational status.

I think all my receivers which /might/ be able to get Galileo need an 
update, and I've not seen any change in the number of satellites potentially 
visible according to gpsd, at least:


I heard that for some receivers, it was a choice of Galileo or GPS/GLONASS. 
I would be helpful if a list of Galileo receivers were available.  I did one 
mobile phone which offered Galileo - but "in a future update"...

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