[time-nuts] GALILEO online: any changes seen?

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 16 19:10:59 EST 2016

You could download the Heather v5 Windows installer from ke5fx.com  or compile the source on Linux/PI/macOS/Windows.

I upgraded the firmware on my Neo M8N to 3.01 using Ucenter.  I think that it is the latest version. Ublox says 3.01 works with the "Q".

BTW,  I'm tweaking up the code for use with touchscreen (that emulate a mouse) displays.  I have an on-screen keyboard working and am now optimizing the display formatting when used on tiny screens.  I have it working quite well with the official PI touchscreen... a 7" 800x480 display that gives Heather a 798x423 window.  Willis has it working with a 5" Beaglebone display (I think he gets a 797x456 window... lucky bastard...).   Heather was never intended to work with < 480 pixel high screens, but would allow screens down to 400 pixels tall, but not much was ever tested at that level.   Should make building slick little boxes with an integrated a GPSDO and monitor easy... so far I'm rather impressed with the results.


> Just so that I understand correctly, that would mean compiling and running 
LH5 on the Raspberry Pi?  I recall you said that was possible.

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