[time-nuts] Lady Heather 5.0 and COFS/Jupiter-T Receiver

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Thanks, yes you are right, memory was just jogged and the elevation for the Jupiter is set with if I recall with a radian calculation entered with two bytes in a binary word statement.  A real pain to figure out.

I think it has completed the survey and is displaying "Position Hold Mode". Is this correct or is it stuck, as it still shows Survey Data 2 Hours in grey (2 hours was the value I set).



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COFS is the clock offset value (whatever that is).  Heather has plots for four receiver provided values.  One the Thunderbolt these were the OSCillator offset, PPS offset, DAC, and temperature (OSC plot defaults to off since it mostly looks like noise).  On other receivers the plots are assigned to some nifty looking plot-able values the receiver sends.  Receivers that send a sawtooth value are plotted as the GD (dac) variable... the sawtooth plot defaults to OFF since it is also a rather noisy looking plot.  Try the GD command to enable the sawtooth plot for receivers that support sawtooth.

As far as the elevation mask... it's garbage in -garbage out...  the Jupiter wants the elevation mask value as an integer value of 1000*radians.   9.9xx is as close as the math allows.

Survey mode display works fine here...
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