[time-nuts] u-blox LEAH M8F

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 22 10:16:57 EST 2016

I was slightly imprecise in my previous posting about ubx timing modules 
and a few people have raised queries in the list or by email.

What I should have said is that this module is designed as a precise 
low-noise /frequency /reference so it directly generates the 30.72 MHz 
needed in LTE infrastructure from a GPS disciplined VCTCXO.  As I 
understand it, the usual 10 MHz output is digitally generated and 
jitters, so can't be used as a reference in high performance radio 
systems.  One could use a phase-locked synth to multiply up from the 1 
PPS signal but given the large ratio needed this is prone to generating 
its own noise.  The M8F does it all internally and is therefore 
preferred if what you want is a low noise frequency reference, though 
its frequency may not be ideal if for example you wanted 10 MHz - you 
could get 10.24 MHz by dividing by 3 but 10 MHz is trickier.

John Haine

I discovered an interesting comparison with the Jackson LTE-Lite here:


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