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Tue Dec 27 09:18:03 EST 2016

Most of the citizens of the state of Arizona are smart enough to know that you 
can't actually save any daylight with daylight savings time.  Hence, we remain 
on Mountain Standard Time.

The Navajo Indian Nation, whose territory spans parts of three states, including 
northeast AZ, decided to use DST.  However, the Hopi Nation, whose territory is 
entirely within the Arizona portion of the Navajo Nation, stays on MST.

The polygamist Mormon town of Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah is 
literally bisected by the state line.  Utah observes MDT so part of the town is 
MDT and the other part is MST.  I reality, it's my understanding that the whole 
town uses MDT.

(For such a tiny place, Colorado City has made a lot of news.  It was once known 
as Short Creek.)

On 12/26/2016 10:22 PM, Mark Sims wrote:
> Ahhh, the subtle wonders of time zones and DST changes...  Heather lets you set your time zone offset down to the second, and does not range limit the offset.  If you want UTC +987:65:43 it's yours!   There are a surprising number of places on with weirdo time zones.
> I tried to find a manageable, self contained way to automatically calculate the time zone from lat/lon, but that's a losing battle.  Even getting it off the net is rather problematic.  I've thought about implementing a last-ditch emergency back-up plan of basing it on (longitude/15) but decided that was too un-time-nutty.
> Heather has standard DST rules for USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand (assuming it hasn't yet gone the way of Atlantis).  But since DST rules can change with the stroke a a politician's pen, you can specify a custom rule.  The one current DST limitation is the time must change at an hour...  that would be easy enough to change.
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