[time-nuts] HP 53132A ROM issue

Colin Bradley colinbradley10 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 11:31:45 EST 2016

I recently acquired an older HP 53132A frequency counter offeBay.  It did not come equipped with  an option oscillator. The standaloneperformance of the existing oscillator is extraordinarily poor although thecounter works well running off my house standard. I decided to update theversion 3703 memory to version 4613 which I have installed on my newer Agilent 53132A.The serial number prefix for the eBay counter is 3736A so I assumed that theupgrade would work based on the HP assembly – level  service guide that I have. When I installed a freshlyprogrammed set of 4 ROM’s the counter would not power up. The fan ran butnothing else. When I re-installed the 3703 chips everything returned to normal.Is there a hardware difference between the older and the newer HP/Agilent  boards or am I missing something else?

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