[time-nuts] Syntesizer Book Update

KA2WEU at aol.com KA2WEU at aol.com
Tue Dec 27 20:18:05 EST 2016

Happy holidays to all. If you have some time and are interested  I am  
still looking for specialized help to give my book 
a new life as I drifted in to Meta Material  Based Structure based  Signals 
The key missing parts are an in depth treatment of Arbitrary Waveform  
Generation (in base band) , precision I-Q modulation  (modulator/demodulator) 
and all  resulting in a Vector Signal Generation  architecture .  
Modern Synthesizer based Signal Sources use these technologies .
Who has the time, will put up the sleeves and will work with me ?
Thanks,  73 de Ulrich, N1UL 

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