[time-nuts] A Leap Second is coming

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 28 18:11:47 EST 2016

If your device reports the leap second as xx:xx:60,  Heather will do an automatic screen dump of the screen to the file "leap_sec.gif".   If you don't wan't your location to show up in the dump, with version 5 you can do G L P from the keyboard to not show your lat/lon.

SPECIAL WARNING: if you are running multiple instances of Heather from the same directory, they will all try to write to the same "leap_sec.gif" file and things won't go well.   You should install multiple copies of Heather into different directories and run each instance from a different directory.  

I recommend testing the screen dump feature before hand...  Enter "\" from the keyboard.  You should hear a beep or two.  Check your Heather directory for a new ".gif" file.  The name will be dependent upon your receiver type.  Also, verify that you can write log files.  Try to write a log file (W L W from the keyboard).  If you have access permission issues, it will report an error.  The easiest way around permission issues is to run Heather as an administrator or to install Heather in a directory outside of the system folders.

You can also enable writing a log file (I'd probably use a log file with the ".xml" extension... they are quite a bit larger than normal ".log" files, but have a lot more info in them.

I'm going to be running a Tbolt, Z3801A, Z3811A, Oscilloquartz Star-4,  Ublox M8,  Sirf III,  NVS 8, and a couple of other receivers .

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