[time-nuts] A Leap Second is coming

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 29 12:08:37 EST 2016

Before version 5,  if the GPS device returned a leap second indicator,  Lady Heather showed "Leap pending" in yellow.  Version 5 changed that to  a countdown clock of time until the leap second (depending upon the time interval until the leap second it can be days/hours/minutes/or seconds... it's currently showing hours).   If the receiver reports the actual time of the leap second, the countdown clock is shown without a '?'.  If the receiver just has a leap pending flag, Heather assumes the leap will be at the end of June or December, and shows the time with a '?' after it.


> So, if I understand it right, I should see see it on LH 5.0 screen somehow.

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