[time-nuts] HP5062C Chassis available

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Fri Dec 30 17:11:54 EST 2016


I have Seven HP5062C chassis collected over the years.
Not sure how many tubes are installed (I can check) or their condition.
I'm pretty sure most of the quartz oscillators are missing but I see two
sitting by the pile.
Might be a very few modules missing.
Most of the top and bottom covers are missing.
I'd like to dispose of them as a lot for $500.00.
Due to the weight and size I'd prefer local pickup.
If no interest I'll pull all the cards and modules prior to scrapping the
chassis and sell them 
as gold scrap on eBay.

Also will be selling two or three tested HP5061B with good "mini" (recent
smaller diameter) tubes.

I'm in Lompoc, CA



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