[time-nuts] Cure for hot 5370B counters

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Fri Dec 30 21:56:06 EST 2016

Bob wrote:

> If you can touch the heat sink for 2 seconds, you're made of sterner stuff than I am!  They run very hot.

As I've said before, get a little desk fan (see attached photo). 
Position it behind the counter, blowing straight into the heatsink from 
2-3 inches away.  The ones I have are all sturdy metal, with blades 5 or 
6 inches in diameter.  They spin much slower than muffin-type fans, so 
they are very quiet.  (Even if you have replaced the internal fan with a 
much quieter one, you will still not hear the external fan.)

I've done this with all of my 5370Bs, and the heatsinks run barely warm 
to the touch.  What an improvement!

I paid about $12 each at the local hardware store, but there is probably 
a wide range of asking prices.

Best regards,


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