[time-nuts] TS2100: Upgrading oscillator?

Robert Watzlavick rocket at watzlavick.com
Sat Dec 31 10:17:50 EST 2016

Check out the archives around 3/2011 and 6/2015 for some discussions 
about upgrading the TS2100 to an OCXO.  Gerhard Wittreich's post on 
6/6/2015 describes the process.  Greg Dowd from Symmetricom added quite 
a good bit of info to the discussion in 2011 so be sure to check out 
those messages too.  The intended OCXO is an MTI 240-0530-D (see 
attached pic) but is a custom part.  It was not available when I 
upgraded my unit so I used a different OCXO that I put on a small 
perfboard and wired in. There were some available on eBay last year but 
now they're gone. The EFC range is 0-6V but I believe the onboard DAC 
only drives it from 0.5 to 4.5V.  The OCXO datasheet is available on 
Manuals section of the KO4BB site.


On 12/22/2016 05:19 PM, Bruce Lane wrote:
> Good day,
> 	During recent repair efforts on my Symmetricom TS2100, I noticed the
> main PC board has silkscreening, and hole patterns, to cover different
> types of crystal oscillator.
> 	Might it be possible to upgrade from the standard unit (a DIP-14 form
> factor clock oscillator) to, perhaps, an OCXO?
> 	Anyone have a 2100 they can share pictures of? Or, perhaps, one which
> has been upgraded?
> 	Just wondering...
> 	Thanks.

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