[time-nuts] HP 4352A/B with different signal generator

Bob Bownes bownes at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 18:55:34 EST 2016

There was a thread about using a different SG with the 4352A/B about seven years ago. 

I happened upon the answer today. 

Set the SG type from the LO menu. 

Type 1: 8664A/B
Type 2: 8657B
Type 3: 8648B/C, E8241A, E8244A, E8251A, E8255A
Type 4: User defined. 

To define your own, use the GPIB  "SGCMD" command. Details are in the 4352B manual, available on exodus.poly.edu. 

Bob, who knows how he's spending the time waiting for the leap second...

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