[time-nuts] Leap second on LEA-6T

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Sat Dec 31 19:28:09 EST 2016

Here's the leap second as my GPSDOs saw it.  But, I'm still in the dark about how Ublox does their pending leap second notification.  There are very few messages that have any leap second info, and I had hoped that the aiding message AID-HUI would do something at the leap second.  But, the message doesn't seem to update more than once a day and there's no direct way to tell when the leap second will happen from the AID-HUI message that I can see.  So, does anyone have a good grasp on how to get the pending leap second info from a Ublox receiver?  I'm missing something that's probably intuitively obvious to everyone else.

20161231235959|P|250|500|000|3233|0539|3272|11|09|0.33|096.6| 001.1|G-04.595|105.54|9681|7A236|07| 50820161231235960|P|250|500|000|1063|0540|3271|11|09|0.33|010.2| 001.1|G 09.106|105.54|967F|7A235|07| 507
20170101000000|P|250|500|000|0642|0540|3271|11|09|0.33|001.9|-000.2|G 02.113|105.54|9680|7A234|07| 507
20170101000001|P|250|500|000|3230|0540|3271|11|09|0.33|096.4| 000.2|G-03.822|105.54|9681|7A235|07| 508


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