[time-nuts] Leap second results

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 31 20:50:19 EST 2016

I ran Heather on 9 different receivers.  Only three did the leap-second "right" with a time of 23:59:60 (which unfortunately shows up on the screen as 00:00:60)... long story...  sorry...  

The Trimble Thunderbolt, Venus 8 timing receiver, and the Z3811A (which the automatic screen capture got the previous second on one system and the correct second on another (X11 display buffering differences?).  All the other receivers reported the leap second as a duplicate 00:00:00... Ublox M8N,    Sirf III,  Z3801A.

I've attached the Venus timing receiver dump from a Raspberry PI 2B with the 800x480 touchscreen.

The Oscilloquartz Star-4 duplicated the 00:00:01 time stamp!

The NEC GPDDO got really confused!   It reported the date as 2016-11-30 a couple of times and went into holdover mode.  Log snippet attached.  These GPSDOs came out of a Japan WiMax system...  I wonder if those systems crashed?

Earlier in the day my Z3801A started reporting the date as 2017-01-00 (in the F2 time format TCODE message)  Switching it to the F1 format gave the correct date, but since the F1 format is epoch based, it has no way for showing a :60 second,  the bast it can do is a duplicate :00.  After the leapsecond, I switched the Z3801A back to F2 format and it is now working properly.

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