[time-nuts] Z3801 misbehaving

Pete Lancashire pete at petelancashire.com
Mon Feb 1 12:23:34 EST 2016

I have a long shot.

If you really do not think it is not anything to do with not getting a
signal into the 3801, antenna, cable, connectors etc. I may have a
replacement GPS module but will have to be confirmed by the group.

The module is a 8 Channel Motorola Oncore


I'll send you one if you want to try it out. Only 'cost' I ask is it work
let me know.


On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 6:52 AM, John Green <wpxs472 at gmail.com> wrote:

> After a couple of days of GPS lock, it went into holdover. I briefly
> powered it down and it attained lock again in about 15 minutes. But, a
> while later, it was back in holdover. I finally coaxed that Sager laptop
> into working and after connecting to it with genuine RS232, I still can't
> communicate with it. I get zip with Satstat. And, it isn't locking again
> either. So, while it will achieve GPS lock, it doesn't seem to want to stay
> locked. And, there is that troubling lack of communication. I am
> considering trying a different GPS receiver module. I understand that
> probably isn't smart unless I try one similar to the one in it. I
> understand that the internal processor talks to the GPS module and anything
> with a different command set will cause it to think the GPS has gone bad.
> At this point, it looks like my options are limited to buying a new, used
> one off eBay for $500, or going to the Thunderbolt, which I don't trust. I
> have an old desktop PC I am going to try just in case the laptop RS232
> voltages weren't up to snuff. And, I am going to try a different cable,
> just in case. It probably wouldn't hurt to exercise the RS232 jumpers
> either. Anything else I should try?
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