[time-nuts] SR620 testing

Joseph Gray jgray at zianet.com
Mon Feb 22 22:14:31 EST 2016

Finally got an SR620 at a decent price. I'm going through the
Functional Tests and the Performance Tests now. So far, I have two

Pg 62 Functional Test - EXT input. When I vary the EXT trigger knob, I
don't get the trigger LED, except that it flashes briefly at one spot
as I move the knob from high to low.

XY outputs - text at the top is slanted and text near the middle right
is overlaid. I don't know if I care about this, as I am unlikely to
use this feature.

I can't test the printer port. No Epson printer. I probably don't care
about this, either.

Pg 63 Performance Test - Timebase frequency is 15 Hz high. I will adjust later.

Timebase accuracy +/- 0.0035 Hz passes.

This is far as I have gotten. After I get a bite of dinner, I will proceed.

The EXT trigger test not working worries me. Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Joe Gray

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