[time-nuts] HP 10811

Joseph Gray jgray at zianet.com
Thu Feb 11 03:21:16 EST 2016

I have a spare 10811 that I want to setup as a standalone reference.
Since it is a double oven unit, should I put it and the power supply
in just a single walled plastic or metal box? Should I make air vents
or not? Going to extremes, can I put the OCXO inside a thick Styrofoam
box with no air flow at all (power supply external), or will this
cause overheating?

I may do a battery and float charger arrangement for the power supply,
so I can keep it running if the lights go out, or I want to take it

I know that the oscillator voltage needs to be very clean and stable,
but how about the oven voltage? Can I get away with a nominal 24VDC
from a battery, even while it discharges?

BTW, in case anyone was wondering why I haven't been on the list much
for quite a while, I have been busy taking care of my elderly mother.
She passed a month ago and now I am getting involved in projects
again. The first project is to clean and rearrange my work room. No
need to clutter the list with messages of sympathy. I'll pretend that
you sent them :-)

The 10811 has been on the shelf for a while, so once I get it running
again, I'll let it age for weeks (if not months) before adjusting it.
One advantage of being otherwise tied up lately, is that I have some
14-pin DIP Micro Crystal OCXO's that have been powered for months on a
breadboard, waiting for me to use one in a project. They should be
nicely aged by the time I get around to them.

Joe Gray

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