[time-nuts] Seeking HP 3561A schematic diagrams

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Fri Feb 12 19:34:48 EST 2016

Volume 2 actually contains Section VII (250 pages) with schematics. I bought a 
reasonably good scan, including oversized fold outs, at Qservice in Greece for 
25 dollars (ebay item 380066695055 ). For fairness to the seller,I donì't offer 
to send you a copy. If I remember, it is possible to save on shipping asking 
the seller to send a copy by email.
Antonio I8IOV

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>On 2/12/2016 11:28 AM, Charles Steinmetz wrote:
>> I'm helping a colleague resurrect a hard-luck HP 3048A phase noise 
>> measurement system.  In particular, he asked me to help get the 3561A 
>> dynamic signal analyzer working again.  I downloaded Volume 1 of the 
>> service manual from Keysight, which contains Sections I through VI but 
>> does not contain Section VII (schematics and service information).  I 
>> suspect that Section VII is Volume 2 of the manual, but do not know 
>> for sure.
>Vol 2 does indeed contain all the schematics and is about 2 inches thick 
>with a lot of oversized fold outs, it will not be an easy one to 
>scan...  There is also an operating manual.  Have you asked Dave at 
>Artek, he might have one in the pending pile?
>> (I'm not sure if there are any hardware differences between "regular" 
>> 3561As and the ones supplied as part of the 3048A system.  I'm pretty 
>> sure the faults [at least the major ones] lie in the basic hardware, 
>> so I don't think we need schematics particular to the 3048A if there 
>> are differences.)
>The 3048 system uses a standard (working!) 3561A.  There are no 
>differences.  I don't think the optional extra memory is required either.

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