[time-nuts] Another GPSDO quirk - KS-24361

Bill Beam wbeam at gci.net
Tue Feb 16 14:45:05 EST 2016

Hi Hal,

All looks normal to me. Something appears to have driven f of both units off.
The DAC is typical of recovery and overshoot of an upset in f.
Since both LTE-Lite and KS-24361 experienced an upset at the same time,
the cause must be external. Maybe a glitch in the GPS data stream.

I am running a KS-24361 pair as stand alone units, each with its own GPS reciever
and an LTE-Lite.

Bill, NL7F 

On Tue, 16 Feb 2016 01:58:16 -0800, Hal Murray wrote:


>The red dots are the DAC voltage.

>The green dots are the frequency of the KS24361 as seen by a HP 5334B with 
>option 010 using its internal crystal.  The blue dots are the other channel 
>connected to a LTE-Lite.

>I just noticed that I'm logging the DAC voltage from the REF-1 (the one with 
>the GPS) and the frequency from the REF-0 (the one with the 10 MHz output and 

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