[time-nuts] MTI 260-0624-D OCXO

timenut at metachaos.net timenut at metachaos.net
Fri Feb 19 22:01:56 EST 2016

I have just about finished trashing this OCXO. I was able to run it outside of
its case, and I have repaired the case, but I was unable to reinstall it into
the case because I have to patch it on both the top and bottom. I could,
perhaps, put it into a larger case and might do that later. For now, I will
keep it as a potential future resource. The SC crystal is worth that much -
they aren't cheap and nothing wrong with that. Also, just the bottom circuit
board has problems, possibly another bad unit could be used for parts.

That leaves one final question. The suggestion that the POT adjusts the
temperature set point for the crystal sounds very reasonable. It clearly does
not significantly affect the frequency. At least, not in the range that would
allow for tuning the output frequency.

However, the POT is clearly designed to be adjusted AFTER everything is
assembled because it is intended to be adjusted through the hole in the case.
That assumes some sort of feedback. What feedback? What can it affect on the
available five pins that would let you know when the temperature is set
correctly? If it is not for setting the temperature, and not for setting the
frequency, what is it for? Perhaps output voltage level? I would have to get
it working again, but I could test that. Any ideas?


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