[time-nuts] Looking for OCXO

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Feb 26 03:20:49 EST 2016

jdownj at gmail.com said:
> I'm going to be taking some oscilloscopes to a hamfest this summer, and I
> am going to have a truck full of stuff anyway, and would like to avoid
> hauling  my signal generator to provide a demonstration of the scopes. Does
> anybody  have a 50MHZ+ OCXO or other oscillator with a coax(sma/bnc) that
> they would like  to part with? Something that doesn't meet time nuts
> standards is perfectly  fine, just want something that is faster than the
> built in calibrator on the  scopes. 

Do you have any of the standard 14 pin dip osc packages in your junk 
collection?  You can probably run one off a pair of AA batteries.  The square 
wave output would be good for showing what a scope can do.  Most of the not 
high frequency osc packages have slow rise times.  You might want to run it 
through a buffer.  A non terminated connection on a few feet of coax will 
give you nice reflection spikes to look at.

The best scope demo toy I ever saw was a Tek giveaway.  It was a burst of 
high frequency stuff with a low rep rate.  There are all sorts of 
opportunities for aliasing with digital scopes.

The old skier avalanche beepers work pretty well too.  Their burst is 
something like 455 kHz modulated at 2 kHz.  (I think they changed the 
frequency 10 years ago.)

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