[time-nuts] MV89A / MTI-260 / HP10811 carrier board

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 27 14:10:03 EST 2016

On 2/27/16 10:16 AM, Gerhard Hoffmann wrote:
> Am 27.02.2016 um 16:15 schrieb Bob Camp:
>> Hi
>> You will run into the same problem on the Altera side. Their “super
>> suite” is called Quartus and
>> the latest free version only supports the newer parts. Once you get a
>> few generations back, you
>> need to download an older version. That’s not impossible to do or
>> crazy to work with. The newer
>> stuff is a bit better. The generation to generation transitions are
>> not insane, but they will take up
>> time working this and that out. Much better (if possible) to start
>> with a part that the current software
>> just started supporting. In the Altera case that is the Max10 family.
>> The lowest cost member is
>> less than $4 in single piece quantity on Mouser. Yes it’s a BGA. The
>> leaded parts are about $11 or so.
>> Demo boards with various cool things on them are < $40.
>> Yes this sounds like an advertisement for Altera. It’s not really. All
>> of the same basic issues apply equally
>> to the other vendors. It’s a competitive world and they all do a
>> pretty fast game of catch up. The only unique
>> feature (AFIK) with Quartus is the inclusion of schematic entry. It
>> lets you do a “no code” design if you are
>> more familiar with logic schematics than with VHDL. If any of the
>> “other guys” do this, it would be worth knowing
>> about in the context of many of the people on the list being a bit
>> code shy.
> Xilinx used to have Futurenet as circuit entry and after massive begging
> of the
> community they also provided an interface from Orcad. But that was long
> ago.
> I think they still have something of their own, but I have converted to
> pure VHDL
> some 15 years ago and never looked back. Maybe over the fence to Verilog.
> I have a Altium Designer license of my own and I think it can do circuit
> diagrams to FPGA via VHDL, but never took the time to poke around in that
> corner.
> The 2C64 is so small that about any ISE version is ok for it. The VHDL
> source
> of my pps generator would compile for an Microsemi Igloo , Altera,
> Spartan, Whatever.. without change.
> That does not mean that I'm a Xilinx fan boy. Nothing could be more wrong.
> I'm currently doing some ORIGINAL Virtex FPGAs, not Virtex II, 2E, 4, 5,
> 7..
> in the Aces space project (to get the link to TimeNuttery) and they were
> agreed on in 2002.
> Xilinx now nearly deny fatherhood and it is fun to write specialties like a
> configuration memory scrubber when even a certain app note seems to be
> removed from everywhere; maybe an ITAR thing.
> The latest ISE version that supports original Virtex is 10.1, with a
> nearly defunct project management. V7 to 9 were even worse.

Even worse, there's a lot of "logiCores" for the older parts like a nice 
simple DDC that don't compile any more.

We have a bunch of copies of ISE 10 to do software for the original 
Virtex (in the Electra radio on Mars reconnaissance orbiter) and Virtex 
II (in subsequent Electras, and the radio in the SCaN Testbed on ISS)

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