[time-nuts] HP 10544A Repair

Nigel Vander Houwen timenuts-nigelvh at nigelvh.com
Sun Feb 28 02:56:04 EST 2016


It depends a lot on the thermistor. As with any component, there are higher precision models that would be pretty repeatable within a model number, and cheaper ones that will be somewhat less repeatable. In this case I didn’t have a specific model number, nor specific nominal/beta values, so I chose a reasonable 100K NTC thermistor, and am adjusting for that.


> On Feb 27, 2016, at 20:21, Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net> wrote:
> richard at karlquist.com said:
>> If you replaced the thermistor with an exact replacement, then you shouldn't
>> need to change the pot.  ...
> How repeatable are thermistors?  How close do you need/want to get the 
> temperature?
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