[time-nuts] Z3815A Unofficial Docs

Brad Stockdale taynoo at hush.com
Mon Jul 4 22:10:31 EDT 2016

Hello all,

   After some time and some twists and turns in life, I've found time
to work with my GPSDO's again. I've added two Z3815A's to my
collection, after wanting to do so for a number of years. After
reading through the listserv's historical posts to re-acquaint myself
with the units (and the hobby in general), I've found references to an
unofficial documentation CD, from Kit S. I've tried emailing Kit, but
have received bounces. Was wondering if anyone knows of a new email
address. Seems like bytecan may have had some issues and is no longer
providing services. Just trying to track down whatever information I
can on the Z3815A's, above and beyond the basic connections (which I
found by sorting through a half dozen other posts on the list; thank
goodness for the archives). I understand that the command set is very
similar to the SCPI command set used with the Z3801A's. Just more
curious about what other information is out there on these.


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