[time-nuts] Visiting Greenwich

Peter Torry peter.torry at talktalk.net
Wed Jul 6 04:05:10 EDT 2016

The original speaking clock ( in use from 1936 to 1963) has been 
restored to working order and is on show at the British Horological 
Institute at Upton Hall near Newark (UK). Speaking clock N0 2 that 
replaced No 1 is quartz controlled and also on view at Upton hall.  If 
anyone would like details of them just let me know.

Peter Torry

On 06/07/2016 06:20, Dave Brown wrote:
> I have a pdf of a POEEJ article on the speaking clock that came into 
> service 24 July 1936 if anyone is interested. I suspect this predates 
> the one under discussion? I also have a two part article on the Mark 2 
> built in the UK for Australia.(mid 1950s)
> DaveB, NZ

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