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Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
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Nothing looks good at the moment.  It may be that I just have to trust the equipment testing and if there's a big blip that's not repeatable, then it didn't happen.  No, I don't like it either.
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bob at evoria.net said:
> So, since I need to power the 5370 (preferably both) I'm looking at a deep
> cycle battery, a charger, and an inverter?  At this point in the process, a
> power line monitor is looking like a good solution.  At least it would tell
> me to ignore the test results.

Yes, you can build your own UPS.  It would be interesting to see what the 
parts cost totals out to.

What did you have in mind for a power line monitor?

I didn't look very hard, but I didn't see anything interesting under $100.  
My manual says the 5370 is 250 VA.  2 of those cuts out some of the low end 
UPS units, but there are still several left under $100.

They will fix the blinking lights glitches.  They won't fix real power 
outages that last for more than a few minutes.

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