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Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
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I wouldn't know the difference between a high-quality professional power line monitor and an also-ran.  Could you point me to a couple on ebay?

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>bob at evoria.net said:
>> So, since I need to power the 5370 (preferably both)

I've been staring at the 5370 PSU many times, it is a horribly inefficient

The 5V rails are regulated down from 10V, the 15V rails down from
20V, so somewhere between 25% and 50% of the power becomes heat in
the series transistors.

A new A6 with four high quality DC/DC converters and some extra
filtering would be a really big improvement both heat and efficiency

It would be trivial to make such a design able to run from a 24V
Battery supply input as well

I havn't tried to measure the power-drain on the four regulated
rails, but from the short-circuit resistors it looks like less
than two amps on +/-15V and less than 10 amp on +/-5V ones.

>Yes, you can build your own UPS.  It would be interesting to see what the 
>parts cost totals out to.

Taking the detour around mains is a bad idea, everybody who can are
moving away from it.

>What did you have in mind for a power line monitor?

Plenty of high quality professional ones on eBay

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