[time-nuts] GPS for Nixie Clock

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Jul 11 00:44:49 EDT 2016

johnswenson1 at comcast.net said:
> I'm looking into a TU36-D400-020 receiver.

> What antenna to use? I would prefer something mounted inside the case.  It
> is wood so an internal antenna will hopefully work. The board comes  with a
> pigtail but it is not SMA. 

That's an old receiver.  Modern receivers are much more sensitive and much 
more likely to work indoors.

I suggest getting a modern chip.  Some of them come packaged with an antenna.

Then you can play around with it from a PC, arduino, or Raspberry Pi to 
figure out what you will have to do and how well it will work.

Here is one to consider:
  Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout - 66 channel w/10 Hz updates - Version 3

If you have room on the display, you can display the offset between the time 
as derived from GPS and the time from the power line.  :)

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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