[time-nuts] FEI FE-405B last call

Skip Withrow skip.withrow at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 11:57:25 EDT 2016

Hello time-nuts,

Corby Dawson has finished characterizing the last of the FEI FE-405B
oscillators that we have in stock.  We have about 10 units that have
respectable ADEV curves (stay below 1x10E-12 starting 1-5 seconds, ending
100-1000+ seconds).  I think I have caught up on the backlog (if I missed
someone that has already contacted me please speak up) and am offering
these to time-nuts for $200 each plus shipping.  Requests will be handled
first-come, first-served to skip at rdrelectronics.com.  I will send you a
copy of the ADEV plot for your approval before you send payment.  I'm
starting with the best unit and working through the inventory.  We will
also ship internationally, oscillator is boxed and placed in padded flat
rate envelope, but the USPS does not insure small parcels.

FYI for those new to the FE-405B.  The unit is a 15MHz oscillator that has
an interface similar to the FE-5680A and FE-5650A rubidium units (serial is
TTL like the 5650).  They use a DDS to step the frequency in 1.05x10E-14
steps.  The temperature compensation has been disabled on all these units,
but is easily re-enabled if desired.  They will work directly on the Nick
Sayer GPSDO controller (with the correct firmware).  Add a divide by 3 and
you have a very good 5MHz source.  I have attached a copy of the FEI data

I have tried to find more of these units for years with very little luck,
so this is likely the last of any significant quantity.  We do have plenty
of the modified FE-5650 rubidium (10MHz, single 15V, 6.8x10E-13 monotonic
step, no temp comp, ±2x10E-11 accuracy) as well at $175 ea.  Thanks in
advance for your interest, and sorry for the blatantly commercial content.

Skip Withrow
RDR Electronics, Inc.
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