[time-nuts] Jupiter-T Pico timing receiver

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 14 12:17:48 EDT 2016

I got in a Jupiter-T Pico timing receiver (from the good folks at RDR Electronics).  These are pulls from something made by Lucent.  It is a tiny 12 channel timing receiver with an even tinier (0.5mm pitch) 2x10 pin connector.  RDR ships them with a mating connector and an antenna pigtail with a weird connector for the antenna.  After a couple of days futzing around getting some wires onto the teeny-weenie connector (RDR does point you to a source for a 20 pin DIP breakout board for the micro-connector),  I have it working.  It seems to work well.  It can run in either Jupiter (Zodiac) mode or Motorola emulation mode ... of an 8 channel Motorola UT receiver.  

The Motorola emulation is less than perfect (as it is in ALL the receivers that offer Motorola emulation that I have tested).   The ID message (as expected) does not have the same ID strings as a true Motorola receiver (which would have to say copyrighted by Motorola).   I've seen a couple of programs that look for "Motorola" in the ID message and might have issues with the Pico.    The firmware is from 2005.  The receiver always reports the sawtooth correction as 0, so it's not compatible with systems that do sawtooth correction.


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